Differences Between Me and the Incumbent...

Recently I was asked …..Where do I and Incumbent Representative Al Green differ… 
- Phil Kurtz, 2018 Candidate for US House Texas Congressional District 9. 
The best way to illustrate the ways Incumbent Al Green would I would differ in the representation of Texas Congressional District 9, is to show where I would have voted differently than he over the last year. Below are a number of House Bills and Resolutions. In reading them I made a decision based on each motion’s alignment with my values as a conservative Libertarian.
H R 7      RECORDED VOTE      24-Jan-2017      4:48 PM QUESTION:  On Passage
BILL TITLE: To prohibit taxpayer funded abortions
No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act Sponsored by Chris Smith (R-N.J.) and Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-Ill.), the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act of 2017 (H.R. 7) would permanently codify the Hyde Amendment across government programs to provide federal funds from paying for elective abortion and health car…

A Libertarian Opinion about Abortion in these United States in 2018.

A Libertarian Opinion about Abortion in these United States in 2018. – Phil Kurtz, Candidate for US House of Representatives Texas District 9. 1-23-18.
Today, my son turned 21 and for some reason, perhaps the opportunity to join the “Texas Rally for Life” this coming Saturday in Austin has me thinking about being just a few hours away from him at college and it has me thinking about Abortion.  Talk about Weird mixed emotions….
I don’t know why but this subject is one I have not revisited in depth since I made commentary on it in 2006 with reference to the then topical Stem Cell Research Funding….
Many believe that Libertarians are “pro-abortion” and there are some, I am sure, that are. But as a Party, and personally, we are both pro-life and pro-choice. …. Now How can that be? In this letter I will explain using the Libertarian Party platform how I justify being both Pro-Life and Pro-choice, but anti - abortion.
First the easy one… Pro Life. What is it to be Pro-life? The founders of…

An Alternative to TERM LIMITS

An Alternative to Term Limits – Phil Kurtz, Candidate for US House of Representatives Texas District 9, 2018.
There is a lot of talk lately about Term Limits for Congress.  I understand the sentiment behind this. Career Politicians, Special interests, New Blood, or a lack there of, too much concentration of power, partisan segregation and the disconnect between the representatives and the district that he or she represents. It seems that elected representatives come into office with an agenda and try to convince their constituents that it fits their wants and needs. So, to limit power, many have proposed term limits. This unfortunately takes away the right of you the voter to select your representation. Some will argue it does not, however, if you have a representative that you support, a term limit could make him ineligible to run for office, thus violating your right to select your direct representation.
Some will say, What about the term limit on the president? The president, does not…

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So, I am running for US House of Representatives Texas District 9. I will be posting blogs here and sharing on Facebook. I welcome comments; Keep them clean! Like Dennis Pager, "I prefer Clarity to agreement" So let me know how you feel about issues. and I will add my comments too!